How to Design, Build and Outfit Your Own Camp Kitchen.



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How to Design Build and Outfit Your Own Camp Kitchen is for those who want to build their own custom design camp kitchen. It contains the secrets to build light weight, yet strong and durable chuck boxes and provides that essential baseline knowledge all designs require.
This is 46 color pages that saves you from hanging in the 'trial and error' dungeon of chuck box design and construction. It is a liberally illustrated booklet that addresses the essential considerations when designing and building your own camp kitchen. It starts by helping you develop a complete camping checklist and meal planning system, the footing and foundation or your camp kitchen organization. The information then systematically moves you to a well defined camping equipment inventory. This in turn, helps dictate a logical chuck box design to manage and house your camp kitchen.
Along the way, you'll be shown various assembly techniques specifically related to a highly innovative construction method we call "skin and bones" construction. It is a compromise construction technique that produces light weight, yet, strong and durable products, very economically.
There are numerous illustrations and examples to aid in explanation and inspire your creative juices. If a picture truly is worth a thousand words, then this is the bible of camp kitchen design and construction.
In a nut shell, you get the benefit of many years of camp kitchen and chuck box design construction and outfitting experience from the guy who has been building and selling them commercially since 1988!
This book is your key to getting your camp kitchen right the first time and makes a perfect gift for the camping woodworker!


This is a second edition book with the last eight years worth of chuck box and camp kitchen 'know how' included!


Camp kitchen mates line drawing image

2005 Camp Kitchen Mates

The 2005 Camp Kitchen Mates was pretty cool in it's day offering a two box design with extension shelves for additional work surfaces. However, it was also tough to build and time consuming to setup.
The 2014 version of the Camp Kitchen Mates is also a two box design based on modified Grubby One and Work-Top Box products.

2014 Camp Kitchen Mates

2014 Camp Kitchen Mates
See our new Demo

The two box design mentality allows you to distribute the weight of your camp kitchen into two boxes making the loading and unloading chores much easier. This 2014 design employs several new features including the 'folding leg pair' and 'outside the box' leg mounts. ( Both are design options introduced in the last eight years.)
With this design you get a lot of storage space and an array of work surfaces with a bunch of utility features thrown in too. It's the kind of thing you've come to expect from!

2014 Camp Kitchen Mates

For exact plans to build this product you need to get the Blue Sky Kitchen plans book too. So, now I offer both my books in PDF form for only $34.95. (There is also an economical black and white printed version available.)

So with the new 'plus eight' version book you get all the information of the old version book plus the newest Blue Sky Kitchen innovations including the extension shelves and there is even a few woodworking tricks thrown in for you. And as a special bonus I am even including access to our construction videos. There is over two hours worth of chuck box building know how available on these videos.

Here's what they are saying about it:

"I want to tell you that reading your [booklet] has revised my approach to car camping in almost a life altering way." Lloyd H.

"I have tent camped off and on for almost 60 years and I never heard of the ready in 15 minutes concept." Jerry Y.

"Really helpful in organizing my camp kitchen supplies." Sam R.

"Very nice presentation." Tom M.

"I like your use of strengthening thinner materials for use in the boxes." Ralph R.

"This is a fabulous resource!" Jaim & Janine G.

"Your presentation is sound and easy to understand." Charlie D.

"You gave the builder latitude to included things they want." Jim P.

"Being involved with a scout troop, I am eager to possibly incorporate some of the ideas presented into future troop equipment." Debbie S.

"Very nice. One of the best how to books I've seen." Kelly J.

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