The Blue Sky Kitchen family of camp kitchen products

Grubby One chuck box setup.

The Grubby One was born in 1988 and although it has changed several times since then, the basic design parameters have remained the same:

  • store your camp kitchen

  • setup quickly to provide work surfaces

  • provide utility features

all requirements of a good chuck box as you learned from our chuck box description.

All Blue Sky Kitchen products are made with redwood and oak veneer ply. They are available as plans, kits, unfinished and finished products. Various finish and laminate options available too.

The Grubby One - It's the standard in chuck boxes!
More about it on the Grubby One product page.

Grubby Two camp kitchen setup.

Everything shown with these boxes, with the exception of the ice chest and stove, will store smartly inside the boxes.

The Grubby Two came about later and fulfills the same requirements but gives you more of everything and splits the camp kitchen weight between two boxes which, of course makes things easier to carry.

The Grubby Two - The picture of chuck box evolution.
More about it on the Grubby Two product page.

And yes, you can make all these products yourself with the Blue Sky Kitchen Plans Booklet.

chuck boxes have modular interconnecting ability

It is now possible to interconnect the Grubby One to either of the Grubby Two halves.

Because the Work-Top Box is not designed around wash tubs and drainers, it lends itself to any number of other storage uses. Consider one of these anytime you have a lot of things that need to be transported for use elsewhere. It's portable storage with work surfaces.

Basic Work Top Box camp table setup.

The Basic Work-Top Box came about from the need for more generic storage. The large compartment lends itself to storing those big bulky items that take a lot of room like dutch ovens, pans, coffee pot, and cooking kits.

Extended work-top box camp table setup

The Basic Work-Top Box - the picture of simplicity.
More about it on the Work-top box product page.

The Extension shelf option provides a special compartment for storing a camp stove and has two cleverly designed shelves which include legs that extend those all important work surfaces.

The Work-top Box with extension shelves - graceful functionality.
More about it on the Work-top box product page.

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