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What's in a camping first aid kit? How do you put up a camp tarp? Have you ever tried a Dutch oven pit Barbecue? Our sister site is a wealth of great camping tips for you.

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A Chuck Box for the Camp Kitchen = Go Camping More Often!

The absolute minimum requirement for a chuck box, patrol box or grub box is that it store your camp kitchen. So it's a place to keep your many varied camp kitchen items. This saves you from scrounging around your home kitchen for place settings, cooking utensils, spices and such every time you want to go camping. In the strictest sense a cardboard box could, in effect, be a chuck box. (Many people do that.) Also, nowadays there are many large, varied and inexpensive plastic containers that can serve the same function and have the added features of seal, easy stacking and they are water proof.

However, if you go camping much at all, you soon learn that it's not enough just to have everything. You also need work surfaces for cooking cleaning and food preparation. Camping table space is at a premium when you are doing outdoor cooking! Thus a good chuck box will also setup to give you work surfaces and utility features for your camp kitchen. As a matter of example, take a quick moment and look at your home kitchen. You might first notice there are a lot of drawers and cupboards. That's because cooking requires a lot of stuff. Then you'll probably see there's a lot of counter space. That's because you need easy to clean places to work with all that stuff. Then you may see things like the sink, spice rack, cup hooks, paper towel holder etc. These utility features put things at your finger tips because, when cooking, you have a lot of things to do in an often limited period of time. Food burns quick!

What all this really means is that once you have a well outfitted chuck box your once lengthy camping checklist turns into only a few items with the grub box being one of them, so the 'getting ready to go' camping hassle is gone forever. And you won't forget any key items anymore because things are always there in your grub box just waiting for you. Once in the field you find the work surfaces and utility features are an absolute delight. So the real bottom line is you go camping more often!

Remember also, your camping equipment should be at the center of your survival plan. Give me my camping gear and I can survive, with a large degree of comfort, almost anywhere, for an extended period of time.

And anytime you need a portable outdoor kitchen, be it for tailgating, picnicking, or just barbecuing out back, you'll have everything you need in your camping kitchen box.

Make this the year you go camping more often. Get your camp kitchen together with one of our grub boxes or build your own with our How to Design, Build and Outfit Your Own Camp Kitchen book or the Blue Sky Kitchen plans booklet. Please notice we offer plans, kits, unfinished and finished products.

Don't hesitate to contact me should you have any questions, suggestions or concerns. I love talking to campers, that's how things get better!

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Note: Chuck and grub are cowboy type terms for food. A chuck box, grub box, camp box, and patrol box are all the same thing.

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