The Camp Kitchen Mates

Camp Kitchen Mates setup

This design employs principles learned from the Grubby One, the Work-Top Box and the piggy back extension shelves. The top box is actually just a Grubby One without the stand. The bottom box is a modified Work-Top Box that employs a special shelf to form additional counter space in the setup state and act as a shelf for your cook stove in the stored state.

Camp cooks appreciate these features:

This gives you these benefits:

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Unfinished Camp Kitchen Mates - $493.69
Finished Camp Kitchen Mates - $642.73
Designer Camp Kitchen Mates - $791.77

Camp Kitchen Mates Kit - Not Available
Unfinished - $493.69 -  
Finished ---- $642.73 -  
Designer --- $791.77 -  

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