The Grubby One Camping Chuck Box


Grubby One grub box setup images

The Grubby One is our oldest and most popular chuck box design.

First designed in 1988, it has undergone many changes to enhance it's functionality and improve your camping experiences.This chuck box is a great option for those weekend, 'family of four' type camping trips.

It's what every tent camper needs to have the ultimate outdoor camp kitchen:

All this means:

Pricing: ( includes shipping!)

Kit - $253.03 ( Kit shipping to Canada, AK, HI now possible see note.)
Unfinished - $350.32
Finished - $479.92
Designer - $577.12

About kits, unfinished, finished and laminate

(Extension shelves and
other options on order page.)

Watch our demonstration video.


See all Grubby One chuck box demonstration videos.


New chuck box stand design

New Stand Design

Allows stove to store with box.

There have been three important improvements made to the Grubby One stand:

Now the dowels double as roll holders at the ends of the stand. Also stove storage is optional as the box can still be stored as before.

This image demonstrates these changes but other Grubby One images and videos have not yet been updated thus they still reflect the old design.

This stand can also be used with a Mini-Grub.