The Grubby Two Camp Kitchen

Grubby Two camp kitchen
The Grubby Two is probably the best option for the scoutmaster patrol box, chili cook-off king or camping event organizer. Once setup it has one continuous work surface that is over 6' long by 16" wide. All contents, drawers and shelves are equally accessible from either side making it quite functional for the camp cook and helpers. In the stored state, the camp kitchen weight is also split between the two boxes. This makes loading carrying and unloading easier.

It's what a tent camper needs to have the ultimate camp kitchen:

light weight
stores your camp kitchen
gives you stable work surface
sets up quickly
great utility features

All this means:

it's easy to go camping on a moments notice
you won't forget things anymore
things will be where you need them when you need them
prep and cleanup will be much easier

Pricing: ( includes shipping!)

Kit - $449.21
Unfinished - $596.78
Finished - $726.90
Designer - $824.32

stain & laminate choices


They make great
mini chuckboxes too!


"What a great set up! .... The design just blows me away, really can't be appreciated by watching the video. Love all the built in practicality." - Haden from South Carolina

The Grubby Two is the picture of chuck box evolution.
See this demonstration video.

Get one and go camping more often this year!