The Mini-Grub Camper Vacation Box

Mini-Grub camp box stored  and setup states.

The Mini-Grub is a great car camping and vacation box.

It is basically a smaller version of a Grubby One and can be used with or without a stand. Fits in the trunk of a small rent-a-car for use with a standard campsite picnic table or use with a portable folding table as shown here.

Designed with the campground camper in mind.

The Basic Mini-Grub

Read about the different versions available:
(kits, unfinished, finished and designer)

Basic Mini-Grub Order: (includes $46.90 in shipping!)

Basic Mini Kit --- not available
Unfinished - $218.71 -  
Finished ---- $278.17 -  
Designer --- $331.33 -  

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The Mini-Grub with stand.

Mini-Grub With Stand Order: (includes $71.28 in shipping!)

Basic Mini w/stand Kit - not available
Unfinished - $299.21 -  
Finished ---- $350.32 -  
Designer --- $414.83 -  

The height of the Mini-Grub allows it to be used with a standard Grubby One stand so that a standard cook stove can stored smartly between the stand and the box.

"The Mini-Grub arrived a little while ago in perfect shape...what a great design. It feels lighter than you list. Can't wait to try it out on our next scout campout. " - Eric from Virginia