Chuck Box Version and Laminate Notes


All pieces cut to size with the difficult parts like drawers made for you. ( Kits are not available for Work-Top Box or Mini Grub products.)

Grubby One Kit instruction book.

Illustrated step by step instruction book included.

'How to videos' included.


Product is delivered completely assembled and ready to stain ( many options available as per examples ) and finish with either urethane or spar varnish. Some folks prime and paint instead.

Chuck Box stain options.

( examples of stains you
could use - there are
many other possibilities )


Completely assembled with a coat of natural stain and a coat of polyurethane as shown here.

A Grubby One chuckbox with natural stain.

Our finish is for water protection purposes and although it looks pretty good it's not by any means what would be considered a "fine finish". That would require multiple finish coats with light sanding in between coats. This could easily double the price of the box so, we don't do it.



A finished box with laminate added. (Adds a lot of functionality by making the clean up task easier.) We currently using oak grain laminate. Looks like this.

Oak woodgrain laminate sample for designer camp kitchen boxes.

Laminate is not available for kits as assembly would require putting nails through it. We laminate the tops and shelves where you would be performing food preparation operations.


call or email me
if you have
any questions!

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