Highly evolved camp kitchen chuck boxes.

Here's what a good chuck box does for you:

The camp kitchen is the real challenge for the car or tent camper. It takes a lot of implements to do even a little cooking. You also need table space for cleaning and food preparation. Such table counters are at a premium when you are doing outdoor cooking! Thus a good camp kitchen chuck box will both store your many varied kitchen items and setup to give you table space and utility features.

As a matter of example, take a quick moment and look at your home kitchen. You might first notice there are a lot of drawers and cupboards. Thatís because cooking requires a lot of stuff. Then youíll probably see there are a lot of counters. Thatís because you need easy to clean places to work with all that stuff. Then you may see things like the sink, spice rack, cup hooks, paper towel holder an so forth. These utility features put things at your finger tips because, when cooking, you have a lot of things to do in an often very limited period of time. Food burns quick!

What all this really means is that once you have a well outfitted chuck box, your once lengthy camping checklist turns into only a few items with the grub box being one of them, so the equipment gathering and loading challenge is easy. And there is no more forgetting important implements since the camp kitchen gear is always in your grub box just waiting for you. Once in the field you find the space and utility provided are an absolute delight. So the real bottom line is you go camping more often!

Camp Kitchen Chuck Boxes

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Build ours with these plans or design your own with our design book.

The differences between our products and everybody else:

The best tent camping equipment investment you can make!

Every camp cook needs a good chuck box. Review our highly evolved portable outdoor kitchens and see how they can store the majority of your cooking devices and set up quickly to give you counter space for cleaning and preparation. They will simplify and enhance your tent camping, tailgating, picnicking and other outdoor cooking efforts.

We have boxes well suited for everything from hard core remote primitive camping to light weight camping vacation needs.

Hereís what a grub box means to you:

Please take some time to review these highly evolved portable outdoor camping boxes. They are born of many years of trail and error and not only offer ingenious functionality but also the best balance of light weight and rugged durability you can find. You will also find there are some handy options like extension shelves and laminated tops to further enhance your camping table space. Everything we make is geared toward providing you with very high quality camp kitchen gear that will get you and your family setup quickly with maximum functionality every time you go.

We have configurations from plans and kits for the DIY woodworker to unfinished and finished versions for those of us with less time or abilities.

Go camping more often! A good chuck box makes it easy.

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